South Coast and Cape Cod Real Estate 

Many water front home owners and brokers think that moorings can transfer with the property. Wrong, Moorings are licensed to an individual not the property and they are not transferable at a closing. The mooring permit holder can retain the right to keep a mooring or give it up after a closing. However when the mooring permit is relinquished it does not automatically transfer to the new owner upon making an application to a harbor master's office. Some locations on Cape Cod and the South Coast have up to ten year waits to get a mooring and just because you buy a water front home or buy a home where the owner had a mooring does not guarantee that you will not be put on a wait list. Your water front neighbors could have been waiting for years for a mooring and might be ahead of you on the wait list. Some Bays have regulations limiting the amount of moorings even though they have plenty of space available, such as Buttermilk Bay, in Buzzards Bay, Ma. that has a 5-10 year wait list for moorings, wether you are water front or not.
  The only way, let me repeat this, THE ONLY WAY to determine if moorings are available is to call or even better, visit, the harbor master in the town and ask about moorings in a specific area. You might get lucky and be purchasing in an area that does not have a wait. Are you feeling lucky today, pick up that phone and make the call. Most of the time the harbor master will want to know the size and draft of the boat and will let you know about the process to obtain the mooring.
  Once you have the mooring permit in your name you are all set and can normally   keep it for LIFE as long as you follow the rules and pay the nominal fees. The only thing better than having your boat moored right in front of your house is having your boat at a dock in front of your water front house. I will address the dock issue in the next blog. Happy Boating.

Joseph Melanson, Water Front specialist
for Century 21 Bourne Landing