How Joseph R. Melanson Can Help You as Your Buyer's Broker

 Until recently, all real estate agents represented the seller exclusively and had a fiduciary responsibility only to the seller. But recent changes in the laws of Massachusetts have allowed the advent of a new type of real estate agent -- the buyer's broker.

 A buyer's broker represents the buyer, not the seller, in a real estate transaction. The buyer's broker has a fiduciary responsibility to the buyer in finding a property that is suitable for the buyer. A buyer's broker negotiates on behalf of the buyer, looking for the best value for their client. By engaging a buyer's broker, the homebuyer guarantees that their interests will be represented every step of the way. The buyer's broker will concentrate on showing homes to the buyer that are right for the buyer, based on their criteria. The buyer's broker will help the buyer make the best possible informed decision and help protect the buyer with escrow funds, financing, home inspections, and attorneys for closing.

 Best of all, the buyer pays no fee for the services of a buyer's broker. All fees are paid from the listing broker's commission (traditionally known as the co-broke), paid by the seller.


  Joseph R. Melanson is  licensed and fully qualified as a professional buyer's broker. If you are looking to buy a home, contact Joseph R. Melanson for more details on how he can help you as your buyer's representative. See the Testimonials button on the header for comments from previous clients.

I take great pride in helping my buyers find their perfect home. I am very patient and never rush or push to buy. I have many happy buyers. Let me put my skill and expertise to work for you.  508-317-4454

Wishing You Blue Skies and Calm Seas.

Joseph Melanson